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Ice Mastery Method
Ice Climbing - Level 1
Introduction To The Frozen World
Ice Climbing Week - Level 1
Ice Climbing - Level 2
Frozen Walls And Waterfalls
More Frozen Walls And Waterfalls
Ice CLimbing Week 2
Ice Courses - Level 3
Mixed Climbing
Frozen On The Sharp End
Ice Guiding
Ice Equipment

Ice Climbing Courses – Level I

These courses are designed for people who have had no prior ice climbing experience. Rock climbing experience will be helpful but is not essential. They are also appropriate for people whose climbing experience has been limited to the constrained environments of indoor gyms or “supervised mountain experiences”.

These courses are not “supervised mountain experiences”, constrained to give you only a taste of climbing without really providing effective instruction. Our courses take place on natural ice at student to instructor ratios conducive to learning.

Courses at this level are designed to provide comprehensive instruction at a basic level, allowing you to develop a solid foundation upon which to build more advanced knowledge and skills.

Level I Courses (click course name for description)

Introduction To The Frozen World

Ice Climbing Week I

Front-pointing technique

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