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Alpine Adventures' 22nd year in the Adirondack Mountains

                Join us for a mountain adventure in the Adirondacks or around the world!

Karen and R.L. Stolz, Mountain Guides

Karen & R.L. Stolz


As of 2020, we are no longer guiding climbing or skiing.

This web site remains active for reference and historical purposes only.

For more information about R.L. & Karen Stolz,
please visit
Vertical Perspectives Photography

Alpine Adventures provided instruction and guiding for rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and backcountry skiing starting in 1985. Our services included comprehensive instruction and guiding in the Adirondacks, as well as more that 150 private trips to a variety of destinations throughout the world. The cornerstones of Alpine Adventures; providing only highly personalized service, with an emphasis on individual attention, created a solid foundation for growth over 35 years and allowed us to enjoy deeply satisfying careers that far exceeded our expectations.

As we look back on our mountain guiding careers, we feel exceptionally fortunate to have shared so many compelling experiences with such incredible people over the course of three and a half decades. It has been an amazing adventure for us but mountain guiding makes physical demands that, with the passage of enough time, even healthy bodies can’t meet. Although we are still active climbers and skiers, we have decided to wind down our mountain guiding careers and move in a new, more sustainable, direction.

Several years ago we decided to more fully engage our lifelong passion for photography and this new direction resulted in Vertical Perspectives Photography. Through this venture we are now engaged with photography on a daily basis, sharing our images and our expertise with others. Our images are mostly made in the places we know best; wild, natural settings we have frequented throughout our lives.

Our work focuses on landscapes, adventure photography, and abstract imagery from the Adirondacks and around the world. It can be viewed in the form of Fine Art Prints and Collector's Edition Books in our Alpenhaus Gallery (the only gallery we know of that began as an indoor climbing gym!). We do all of our own printing, as well as framing, and the gallery showcases a variety of presentations in a setting that is uniquely our own. We also share our expertise with photographers through workshops, fine art printing services, presentations, and a variety of commissioned work, including climbing photo shoots for experienced climbers. We love photography and climbing, we have decades of experience with both, and we are always eager to share our knowledge and experience. Please feel free to drop by, check out our photography and meet us in person. For directions to our location and much more please visit the Vertical Perspectives Photography web site.

Guide Recommendations
Since we have stopped guiding we have received many requests for mountain guide recommendations. We have been in this industry a long time and we know many guides but there are many more we do not know so, instead of suggesting a particular guide, we'll refer you to the Comparing Guides, Guide Services & Climbing Schools section of this web site. It is our hope that this approach will help you make an informed decision that takes into account your particular needs and preferences.

Our Services
In this section you will find comprehensive descriptions of all our mountain guiding services. This information now serves as a historical reference.

For information about our photography services, books and prints, please visit: Vertical Perspectives Photography

About Us
Here, you can learn about Alpine Adventures, the Adirondack Mountains, and about our professional mountain guiding qualifications.

Our Values
This section explains how we encourage environmental stewardship, promote effective education and facilitate personal growth.

Recent & Current
When we are ready, we will be liquidating equipment formerly used in our mountain guiding programs. We will update this section at that time. 

Adirondack climbing

Adirondack rock climbing

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